Sunday, October 22, 2006

My Recent Photos NY

Here is a link to my photo album - click on it to see a slideshow of the photos I took in NY on my recent trip. I was there just in time to see the colors change and I tooks some awesome photos of sculptures at the Storm King Art Center.

Photo Essay On the Homeless

Click on this image to open a photo essay on the volunteers and clients of the Ukiah Community Day Shelter.

Creations of Mine

This is a pen & ink drawing of NY. The original is about 6" x 6" - I spent about 10 hrs. drawing this while stuck in the Oakland airport on my way home.
This painting is called "Will Work For Food" for obvious reasons. The original acrylic painting is 24"x18"
watercolor 12"x10"

This acrylic painting is called "The Mass" - 24"x 18" on acrylic canvas board. This next one is a watercolor of hydranga w/coloured pen detail.

This acyrilc is called the "Garden of Repair" it is the memorial garden at the Homeless Day Shelter at UCC. The original is 24"x 18"